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Wednesday 29th May 2013

The good thing about having a week off work is that you have enough time for the really important things in life. Like browsing your Power of 10 profile and making playlists on Spotify.

Whilst doing this yesterday I noticed a great feature that I wasn’t previously aware of. As well as finding your head-to-head record against any British athlete (0-1 against Mo Farah, 18-0 against my mate Tim) and ranking all your performances by age grading, you can also list your performances by position. This is what my collection looks like:

1st 31 times (mostly at my local parkrun)

2nd 11 times

3rd 10 times

4th 3 times

… and so on. Great though this list is, it bothers me by not being complete. For example, Power of 10 tells me that in the 111 races I have finished I have never come 10th, the only position missing from the top 13. Strangely I have never come 20th, 25th or 30th either. This is annoying.

So I have come up with a plan to fill in the gaps. Next time there are exactly 9 people ahead of me in a race I am going to settle for my position rather than trying to chase a couple of runners down. If you see me in 14th, 15th or 16th in a race, make sure I don’t give chase.

This project shouldn’t take too long. My lowest ever position in a race is only 501st.

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