Training – Week Beginning 3 June

Sunday 9th June 2013

Tough session on Tuesday. Personal best for 3k on Sunday. Third for the whole race; splits of roughly 67,2:19,3:29,4:41, 5:51,7:03,8:13.

Monday: 15km easy (15)

Tuesday: 3x5x400 off 60/45/30/15s, two lap jog between sets, mostly 69/70. Very tough with short recoveries. (18)

Wednesday: 14km easy. Sore. (14)

Thursday: 27km easy (27)

Friday: 11km easy (11)

Saturday: 8km easy (8)

Sunday: Midland League 3000m, 3rd in 8:47.5. PB. (18)

Week total: 111km

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