Training – Week Beginning 13 January

Sunday 19th January 2014

Good session on Tuesday; it felt much easier than last week. Ran the last 2k (6:09) of the parkrun quite hard. Sunday’s run was cut short due to tightness on the underside of my foot. Not much strength and conditioning work this week.

Monday: 15km easy (15)

Tuesday: AM 8km easy / PM 2 sets of 2×1000 off 200 jog, 5×400 off 60s. Averaged around 3:08/70/3:05/68 (26)

Wednesday: 15km easy (15)

Thursday: AM 8km easy / PM 19km moderate (27)

Friday: Rest (0)

Saturday: Brueton parkrun, 1st in 16:03 with a hard last 2k. 10x1min/1min after (18)

Sunday: 26km easy (26)

Week total: 127km

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