2014 in Numbers

Thursday 1st January 2015

Seeing as I keep a record of all my training, it would be silly not to spend the first day of the year crunching the numbers on the past year’s figures. Here’s what I found out:

Total distance run: 5757 km / 3578 miles

Mean Daily Mileage: 15.8 km / 9.8 miles

Mean Weekly Mileage: 110.4 km / 68.6 miles

Biggest Week: 164km / 102 miles

Number of Runs: 396

What does this tell me?

1. I have run further this year than in any previous year. Even though I had periods of low mileage due to illness or injury, particularly towards the end of the year, these were offset by blocks of very high volume. Although running high mileage wears you out and leaves you feeling exhausted, I find it tends to pay off later on.

2. I averaged more than one run per day. Although I didn’t check, I’m also certain that I have taken more rest days this year than previously. Running more than once on my hard days, whilst making sure I take a rest day every week, really seems to work for me.

3. I’m faster than 365 days ago, but only just. My main achievements this year were taking 2 seconds off my 5k time and 5 seconds off my 10k time. Although this is almost nothing, it is good to know I’m still improving; if I keep training sensibly and consistently I know that I will have a breakthrough. Hopefully when it comes, I will be hacking chunks off these times rather than gently chipping away at them.

Happy new year!

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