The Floor – Week Beginning 06 November

Sunday 12th November 2017

This was a surprise. After only one week of proper training I was not expecting to run particularly well at the Birmingham League this weekend. Last week I couldn’t get under an hour for 10 miles; this week I made the top 20 in a very competitive fixture. It seems that the more time passes the higher my basic level of fitness becomes, and getting back to full fitness takes less time with every injury or setback. My floor is getting higher. Now it’s time to see how high my ceiling is!

My week:

Monday: AM 8km easy / PM 12km easy (20)

Tuesday: AM 8km easy / PM road session 5 sets of 90s,2:00 off 60s, 5*30s hill reps (23)

Wednesday: 16km easy (16)

Thursday: AM 8km easy / PM 9km with 3km tempo in the middle (17)

Friday: rest (0)

Saturday: AM 7km easy / PM Birmingham League XC, 20th (22)

Sunday: 22km moderate (22)

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