The Life of a Pro – Week Beginning 09 July

Sunday 15th July 2018

What would life be like if I did this professionally?

Of course I appreciate that this question is ridiculous and of course, entirely theoretical given that I am nowhere near the required standard. There isn’t a long queue of shoe companies, funding bodies and elite training groups all clamouring for the signature of the 40th best steeplechaser in the country. But let’s just ignore that inconvenient fact for a minute and speculate on how my life would differ.

This week I trained hard. Although I didn’t log huge mileage I completed three very tough sessions and this morning I feel completely exhausted. If running were the only thing I had to do with my day I suspect my week’s training would not have looked that different on paper but the differences would have largely been in what I did when not running. For a start, the hours of my job dictate that even on days when I don’t run before work I have to be up very early. This means that I rarely get more than eight hours’ sleep during the week, when something in the nine to ten region would be optimal. Afternoon naps are also, sadly, not an option for me. I notice this difference when on holiday. The quality of my recovery is noticeable and I feel significantly more fresh when I run, a result of being on my feet less and having my eyes closed more.

Aside from rest, the other element of training that falls by the wayside when I am busy is strength and conditioning and mobility work. I get a couple of sessions done a week but I suspect that daily sessions would convey much more benefit than what I currently do. My post run stretching sessions would last more than their current 10 minute duration after evening runs, and would actually happen after morning runs. All of this would undoubtedly help with injury prevention and recovery.

But would I enjoy it?

Yes I probably would, but that is not to say that I dislike my current situation. There is no pressure on me to perform beyond the pressure I exert upon myself. Everything is optional and running is the activity I look forward to rather than the chore I have to complete. I’m happy with my life as it is.

My Week

Monday: 10km easy (10)

Tuesday: AM 9km easy / PM grass session 1km,2km,2km,1km off 3:00/5:00, 2*300m off 60s (25)

Wednesday: 15km easy (15)

Thursday: AM 10km easy / PM road session 10*300 off 2:00 (25)

Friday: 14km easy (14)

Saturday: road session 10*500 off 70s, 10*50m hill sprints on grass (13)

Sunday: rest (0)

General Running

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