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Training – Week Beginning 22 August

Sunday 28th August 2016

A week of easy, low intensity running after 10 days off.

​Monday: AM 10km easy / PM 10km easy (20)

Tuesday: 12km easy (12)

Wednesday: AM 10km easy / PM 12km moderate (22)

Thursday: rest (0)

Friday: AM 14km moderate / PM 9km easy (23)

Saturday: AM 15km easy / PM 10km easy (25)

Sunday: 16km easy (16)

Training – Week Beginning 18 May

Sunday 24th May 2015

An easy week after a hard race last weekend. Took two days off because I wasn’t feeling well. Next week I plan to do a couple of track races and a session.

Monday: AM 12km easy / PM 13km moderate (25)

Tuesday: AM 11km easy / PM 17km easy (28)

Wednesday: rest, unwell (0)

Thursday: rest (0)

Friday: 12km moderate (12)

Saturday: 12km easy (12)

Sunday: AM 15 min warm up, 10x60s/60s on the canal towpath, 15 min cool down / PM 13km easy (25)

Week total: 102km

Taken from my training log.