Training – Week Beginning 24 September

Sunday 30th September 2012

Six runs, one day off, one PB.

Monday: Rest (0)

Tuesday: 6×800 at 75% effort off 400 jog – 2:34/32/31/30/27/24. Pacing friends. (10)

Wednesday: 8 easy (8)

Thursday: 10 easy (10)

Friday: 6 easy (6)

Saturday: 5 easy (5)

Sunday: Bristol Half Marathon, 28th in 70:47. PB. (15)

Week total: 54 miles

2012 total: 2589 miles

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  1. alf tupper says:

    Congratulations on your PB. Just a thought the 10 mile you did on thursday even though you said it was easy i think it was too long to be on your feet! maybe 45 mins with a few strides thrown in would give you a chance of feeling a bit more fresher?
    like i said this is just a helpful thought 🙂

    • trainhardraceeasy says:


      I’m not very good at tapering and sometimes if I stray too much from a ‘normal’ week I feel a bit sluggish on race day. I also tend to get carried away if I’m running with friends. Running is my social life as well as my exercise!

      Thanks for the feedback!