Training – Week Beginning 24 June

Sunday 30th June 2013

A disappointing race but a good session on Saturday. I’m taking most of next week off for the ride.

Monday: 14km moderate, ran home from work (14)

Tuesday: 16km easy (16)

Wednesday: BMC 1500, 11th in 4:12.04 and 4k tempo in 13:20 (17)

Thursday: 21km – started slowly, finished fast (21)

Friday: Rest (0)

Saturday: 10 x 400 off 60s: 65,66,66,65,66,65,65,66,64,64. Barefoot jog 2k (18)

Sunday: 21km – started slowly, finished fast (21)

Week total: 106km

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  1. Christopher Ashford says:

    What’s “the ride” Ed? With Tim and you both starting to cycle I am starting to worry about my club reputation at the “runner that can also ride a bike”!

    • Ed says:

      I’m leading a school trip next week. We’re doing the coast to coast ride over 4 days, so there will be lots of cycling but no running. Don’t worry though; I’m nowhere near your standard on the bike! Good luck next weekend!