Training – Week Beginning 17 February

Sunday 23rd February 2014

Highest volume week of the year so far, and highest (I think) since early 2012. Good track session on Tuesday, enjoyed the National on Saturday. I’ll cut back the training this coming week ahead of Sunday’s half marathon.

Monday: AM 8km easy / PM 15km easy (23)

Tuesday: AM 10km easy /PM 5 sets of 1000-400 with 200 jog recovery, averaged 3:01/72 (27)

Wednesday: 17km easy (17)

Thursday: AM 10km easy / PM 18km moderate with a couple of long hill efforts (28)

Friday: rest (0)

Saturday: AM 8km easy with some strides / PM National XC, Nottingham – 196th (26)

Sunday: 29km easy (29)

Week total: 150km

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