The Balancing Act – 25th September – 1st October

Sunday 1st October 2017

Yesterday I was asked why I had improved so much over the summer after changing club. My response was that I am now training at a much greater intensity than before and am achieving a greater density of sessions, sometimes 3 in a week, something I would never have done before. This year I have learned that I can get more out of myself than I previously thought. This week was no exception. On Thursday evening, still tired and sore from Tuesday’s tempo run, I got dropped on the first rep and struggled to get my legs moving. I stuck it out and with each effort the session became easier once I pushed through the initial discomfort. Not too long ago I would have stopped at that point and saved myself for another day. Of course, there are times when you need to say no and listen to your body, but I am now learning when to say yes. This fine balancing act between overdoing it and underdoing it is hugely important in running.

My week:

Monday: AM 8km easy / PM 13km easy, drills and hurdles (21)

Tuesday: AM 8km easy / PM 15km progression run – 3:37 average, circuits (25)

Wednesday: 14 km easy (14)

Thursday: AM 10km easy / PM road session – 800, 10*500, 800, strides (25)

Friday: rest (0)

Saturday: 6*300m hill reps, parkrun in 16:06 (16)

Sunday: 24km moderate (24)

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