Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat – Week Beginning 25 December

Monday 1st January 2018

When I’m not at work I can pretend I’m a professional athlete. Getting enough rest and recovery between sessions really enables me to get higher quality training in. This week I was pleased with Thursday’s session of 8 reps of 1km with a minute recovery. We did the reps out and back on a straight stretch of road as the track was closed due to snow and ice, with the ‘out’ reps slightly downhill and the ‘back’ reps slightly uphill. I was particularly happy to average 3:09 for the uphill efforts with such short recoveries and in sub-zero conditions.

The week ahead should just involve one hard track session on Tuesday then a few days of easing down ahead of the county champs.

My Week

Monday: AM 12km easy, hurdle drills / PM 11km easy (23)

Tuesday: AM 10km easy / PM hill session 12*400m (27)

Wednesday: rest (0)

Thursday: AM 10km easy / PM road session 8*1km off 60s – odds downhill, evens uphill – 3:00,09,01,10,01,09,00,09, weights (26)

Friday: AM 10km easy / PM 10km easy (20)

Saturday: grass session – 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 minutes with diminishing recoveries, 6*30s hill reps (16)

Sunday: 24km easy (24)

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