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Saturday 17th September 2011

Bolt beats both Brits.

Bad bend but Bolt’s buddy Blake brilliant.

Below-par Blanka beaten.

Belgian Borlee brothers beat Bladerunner.

Bekele back.

Training: Week Beginning 5 September

Sunday 11th September 2011

Took much longer than expected to get last Sunday’s race out of my legs. 6 very frustrating days, but Sunday’s run made up for it. Three weeks to Brussels.

Monday: 12 easy. (12)

Tuesday: 12 easy. Legs heavy. (12)

Wednesday: 8 easy. Legs still not feeling right. (8)

Thursday: 800-600-3×300 in 2:20/1:41/46/47/47, didn’t do full track session (8)

Friday: AM 4 easy PM 10 easy (14)

Saturday: 4 warm up, 1200-5000-1000 on track in 3:43/17:29/3:17, ran home. Another disappointing session (11)

Sunday: 10 hard out / 5 hard + 5 easy back. 57:30/28:30/33:50. Headwind out. Tailwind back. Best run for weeks. (20)

Week total: 85 miles

2011 total: 2482 miles

IAAF to make it easier for Bolt to win

Wednesday 31st August 2011

The IAAF, world athletics’ governing body, has today announced that it will be changing the rules in some sprint events to make it easier for Usain Bolt to win.

The news follows the Jamaican athlete’s recent disqualification from the world 100m championships final, where Bolt was judged to have false-started. The proposed rule changes involve the abolition of the false start rule for any athlete ranked in the world top 10, giving byes to the final for anyone whose first name begins with the letter ‘U,’ as well as the option of a head start for anyone who has broken 9.6 seconds before.

Lord Sebastian Coe, vice president of the IAAF, said in today’s press conference: “It is morally wrong that someone with such an enormous, er, reputation, should have to suffer the indignity of disqualification for an offence as minor as starting five seconds before everyone else.” The former Olympic champion also told the world’s press that “It would be a real tragedy if Bolt were not to win the 100m, 200m, 400m, relay and long jump at my, sorry, London’s Olympics next year.” Coe also added, bizarrely “When can I be Prime Minister? This microphone is off, right?”

The new rules are not without critics, however. Several leading newspapers such as the Views of the World and the Daily Male have questioned the fairness of the rule changes. Meanwhile, a group of athletes is planning legal action against the IAAF. The group will be led by Bolt’s compatriot Asafa Powell, who told reporters “I really want to win this case. Oh, and a major championships too.”

Bolt himself was unavailable for comment on the matter, and was last seen eating chicken nuggets in a South Korean branch of McDonalds.

Training – Week Beginning 22 August

Wednesday 24th August 2011

My attempt to cram a week’s worth of training into 3 days.

Monday: 12 in ~75 mins (12)

Tuesday: AM 4 easy in 30 mins, PM 6 x 5 mins grass reps with 90 recovery at Metchley, ran there and back (16)

Wednesday: Pope loop from front door in 2:45 (24)

Thursday – Sunday: Away (0)

Week total: 52 miles

2011 total: 2321 miles

Taken from my training log.

Training – Week Beginning 8 August

Monday 15th August 2011

A frustrating week. Felt overtrained and lethargic so I took 3 days off. A few easy weeks should do me some good.

Monday: 8 easy. Felt good. (8)

Tuesday: Rest. (0)

Wednesday: AM 5 easy – trails, PM 8 easy – summer route (13)

Thursday: Rowheath 5k, 1st in 16:12. Felt terrible the whole way round and on the way home (12)

Friday: Off. Completely worn out. (0)

Saturday: Still felt rough. Another day off. (0)

Sunday: AM 3 easy PM Midland League 3000m. 1st in 9:12. (11)

Week total: 44 miles

2011 total: 2234 miles

Taken from my training log.