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The Competition

Monday 11th April 2011

Regular followers of this blog will know that I am running the London Marathon on Sunday. Doing what I do best on my days off work (browsing the internet for running related stories) I found this article about the celebrities who are taking part in this year’s race and which charities they are raising money for.

Here’s my analysis of the competition I’m up against:

Will Young

Though I doubt I will ever forgive Mr Young for his cover of Light My Fire by the Doors, I have quite some admiration for the man. He clearly has an exceptional pair on lungs on him, but will they be good enough to get him round the course in his predicted 3 hours and 30 minutes?

Dwight Yorke

The Trinidadian made his name scoring countless goals for Aston Villa and Manchester United amongst other clubs. He was the classic poacher with a great eye for goal, and is using his celebrity to raise funds for Vision. He famously did a runner from his relationship with Jordan, another person who has participated in this event. Can he do the same thing at London?

Ricky Wilson

I predict a right sore pair of calves in the morning. The Kaiser Chiefs’ singer is competing this year in order to raise money for the Alzheimers Society.

Gary Speed

Another footballer competing in this year’s event, the Welshman had a hugely successful career, scoring in every Premier League season before his retirement. Known for his ability to tuck away a penalty under pressure, the marathon should pose a different challenge. He is now the national team coach. He can manage Craig Bellamy, but can he manage 26.2 miles?

James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent

These men are machines. Rowers are just about the fittest breed of athlete on the planet, and their lung capacity is matched only by their mental toughness. With numerous World Championship and Olympic golds between them, the marathon should pose little challenge. Who will be first down the Mall?

Jamie Baulch and Iwan Thomas

Another pair who competed together, but in an event slightly more similar to the one taking place on Sunday. In Baulch and Thomas you have two of the finest 400m runners this country has ever produced. Baulch holds the British indoor record, whilst Thomas holds the outdoor equivalent. There is no doubt that these man can run fast, but how do they feel about running 100 times their usual distance?

Jack Tweed

Who? Never heard of him.