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Steeplechase – Week Beginning 23 April

Sunday 29th April 2018

I’m knackered.

This week, after a couple of weeks of low intensity running due to some calf trouble, I went all in on my return to the track. On Wednesday we did 4 reps of 1km over barriers in spikes. This session was noteworthy for two reasons. The first was the remarkable fact that three people who collectively possess degrees in Mathematics, Economics and Biomedical Science can’t agree on where the start line should be for 1000 metres in lane 6. 100 metres further ahead is the answer, by the way. The second is that steeplechase sessions hurt. You can do all the drills and clearances you like over the winter, but nothing truly prepares you for the feeling of running hard over barriers. Although it got easier as the session progressed, the pain in both my lungs and calves was unexpectedly intense.

One thing that a winter of weekly hurdle drills has prepared me for, though, is being able to hurdle off both legs. Eight months ago, the idea that I would be able to clear a steeplechase barrier with my left leg leading seemed fanciful and ludicrous. Now, after gradually increasing the height of the clearances and forcing myself to do more reps on my weak leg than my strong one, I can hurdle off either leg. The benefit of this is that any foot readjustment on the approach to a barrier is minimal, and thus less time is lost at each of them. It also means that the muscular load of both taking off and landing is spread evenly across both sides of the body.

On Saturday we did a deceptively hard session. A distance runner’s response to hearing that the session is 12 reps of 100 metres is “is that all?” but I was well and truly broken afterwards. Each effort was a series of 6 hurdles, bringing the days’s total to 72 and the week’s total to 116, not including warm up clearances or water jump practice.

I hope it pays off.

My Week

Monday: AM 8km easy / PM 12km easy (20)

Tuesday: AM 8km easy / PM 16km easy (24)

Wednesday: 4*1000 over barriers with 300m jog recovery in 3:00-3:04, 2*400 in 67,64 (12)

Thursday: 15km easy (15)

Friday: AM 12km easy / PM 10km easy (22)

Saturday: barrier session – 12*100m with 6 hurdles off 20s, strides (9)

Sunday: rest (0)

Training – Week Beginning 4 May

Sunday 10th May 2015

Tuesday’s session on grass was tough on tired legs. I felt strong during Friday’s session. I just need to cut back and get plenty of rest this week ahead of the Highgate 10,000 on Saturday.

Monday: AM 13km easy / PM 14km easy (27)

Tuesday: AM 10km easy / PM Metchley session: 5×5:00 off 60s (28)

Wednesday: 16km easy (16)

Thursday: 16km easy (16)

Friday: AM 12km easy / PM 10km alternating kms ~3:10/3:40 (26)

Saturday: rest (0)

Sunday: 12km easy (12)

Week total: 125km

Taken from my training log.

Training – Week Beginning 13 April

Sunday 19th April 2015

One tough session on grass and a good tempo run on the track.

Monday: AM 10km easy / PM 14km easy (24)

Tuesday: AM 11km easy / PM Metchley session: 6:00 (2:30), 5 x 1:00 (1:00), 2 x 3:00 (1:30), 5 x 1:00 (1:00) (28)

Wednesday: 16km easy (16)

Thursday: 16 km easy (16)

Friday: AM 11km easy / PM 10km tempo run on track: 17:08-16:27 (27)

Saturday: rest (0)

Sunday: progression run – 60 mins out, 55 back, 5 min jog (30)

Week total: 141km

Taken from my training log.

Training – Week Beginning 13 October

Sunday 19th October 2014

Tuesday’s road session was very long. Sunday’s long run was tiring but I stopped twice on the way back to support friends in the half marathon.

Monday: 16km easy (16)

Tuesday: AM 11km easy / PM ring road session: 5 x long loop, 5 x short (30)

Wednesday: 18km easy (18)

Thursday: AM 11km easy / PM 16km easy (27)

Friday: rest (0)

Saturday: AM 10x50m hill reps, parkrun in 16:03, 10x50m hill reps / PM 8km easy (24)

Sunday: 31km moderate (31)

Week total: 146 km

Taken from my training log.