Week Beginning 4/1/10




Tuesday: 4×1800? at Metchley in the snow, ran there and back. Experienced the pleasure of running down a snow-covered towpath in the dark

Wednesday: 10 miles on the towpath, all on snow again

Thursday: 5x1K (ish) at Metchley. Hard work

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Warwickshire XC champs in Leamington, 37th

Sunday: 17 miles slow

Week total: 55 miles

2010 total: 77 miles

Week Beginning 11/1/10


Tuesday: 5k time trial on a snow/ice covered track. Couldn’t see a thing. (18.11, ran there and back)

Wednesday: 10 miles, same as last Weds

Thursday: 13 miles (the Garmin never lies)

Friday: 3 mile evening jog

Saturday: Birmingham League XC – Coventry, 104/298

Sunday: 22 miles (2:25). Icy.

Week total: 65 miles

2010 total: 142 miles

Week Beginning 18/1/10

Monday: 7 miles with the Marks

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 10 miles, planned 12 but was too knackered

Thursday: 10×600 (mostly 1.48/1.49), ran to track and back

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 23 miles, hilly. Really looking forward to the London Marathon now.

Sunday: Nothing. Plan for next week is to get mileage above 60 again and run 22 miles close to race pace.

Week total: 51 miles

2010 total: 193 miles

Week Beginning 25/1/10

Monday am: 4 miles (24:22)

Monday pm: 7 miles

Tuesday: 5x1mile on track, ran there and back (5.14,5.18,5.20,5.19,5.18)

Wedneday: 10 mile jog

Thursday: 2×800,2×600,3×400,2×600,2×800. Quality session, ran there and back

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 1-4(23:58)-1, towpath

Sunday: 21 miles (2:15). Next week I will probably do fewer miles to avoid injury

Week total: 70 miles

2010 total: 263 miles = 10 marathons 🙂

Week Beginning 1/2/10

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10x1k on track, absolute killer session, ran there and back (3.16,3.16,3.17,3.17,3.17,3.18,3.20,3.18,3.19,3.20)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2×300,2×400,2×600,3×800,3×600,2×400,2×300, ran there and back (55,52/72,71/1.52,1.53/2.36,2.30,2.42/1.53,1.52/70,69/54,49)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: same as last Sat but 19 seconds faster

Sunday: 22 miles in Berkhamsted, hilly and slow

Week total: 53 miles

2010 total: 316 miles 

Week Beginning 8/2/10

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10000m time trial (34.32 – PB), positive split, painful, ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 6×600 (200 recoveries), ran there and back

Friday: 4 mile jog

Saturday: Birmingham XC League, Northampton. 89th, heavy legs, didn’t rest for it

Sunday: 22 miles (2:22)

Week total: 55 miles. Half term next week – should mean more mileage

2010 total: 371 miles

Week Beginning 15/2/10

Monday: 8 mile recovery run, very slow

Tuesday: 3x3k on track, first two good, third one at hm pace, still hurting from sunday, ran there and back

Wednesday: 12 miles, 1:25

Thursday: 4×400,4×800,4×400, track covered in snow, ran there and back

Friday: 9 miles slow

Saturday: 24 miles

Week total: 76 miles. Less next week.

2010 total: 447 miles

Week Beginning 22/2/10

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5x1mile on track, slow due to snow and fatigue, ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2×800,2×600,2×400,2×600,2×800 (2.33/2.30,1.50/1.48,1.08/1.08,1.48/1.50,2.33/2.32), ran there and back

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: 22 miles to Sutton Park and back with Mark, Mark and Martin

Sunday: 6 miles in the evening

Week Total: 55 miles

February Total: 239 miles

2010 Total: 502 miles

Week Beginning 1/3/10

Monday: 8.5 miles

Tuesday: 4×2000 (6.33,6.39,6.40,6.37), ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest – racing this weekend. 8 miles on the bike. Sore knee from falling over on Monday

Thursday: Knee painful, didn’t train.

Friday: As above

Saturday: As above. May or may not race tomorrow.

Sunday: Did the race (13.1 miles), came 6th, new pb 75.44

Week Total: 33 miles – all quality miles, lots of enforced rest due to knee pain

2010 Total: 535 miles

Week Beginning 8/3/10

Monday: No run, recovering

Tuesday: 4 miles, going easy on the knee

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Still resting the knee, 1 mile


Week total: 8 miles

2010 total: 543 miles

Week Beginning 15/3/10

Monday: 7 miles (2x3miles on track, 1 mile jog)

Tuesday: 3xmile (5.25,5.25,5.35), ran there and back, knee improving

Wednesday: 1 mile jog

Thursday: 2×800,2×600,2×800, ran there and back

Friday: Resting for Sunday

Saturday: “

Sunday: Ashby 20 (2:01:22) 6th

Week total: 46 miles

2010 total: 589 miles

Week Beginning 22/3/10

Monday: Pain! Rest day.

Tuesday: 2x3k on track, ran there and back, raining.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5 x ring road (1250m?) – 3.59/4.08/4.07/4.09/4.08, ran there and back

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Knee trouble. Again.

Week total: 20 miles

2010 total: 619 miles 

Week Beginning 29/3/10

Monday: 10 miles (3 on track at HM pace)

Tuesday: 10k at just faster than marathon pace (37.05), 2 miles warm down, ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3×1250 ring road, 2 x mile on track, ran there. too much rest means i’m losing speed

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: No long run (knee pain)

Week total: 31 miles

2010 total: 650 miles

March total: 141 miles

Week Beginning 5/4/10

Monday, Tuesday: Gentle speedwork totalling about 3 miles, all my knee could manage

Rest of the week: Resting the knee

Week total: 3 miles

2010 total: 653 miles

Week Beginning 12/4/10

Monday: 4 mile jog, saw physio about knee

Tuesday: 1x10k on track (36.59), just under marathon pace, ran there and back, lots of stretching

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5×800, last 3 on my own (2.29,2.32,2.38,2.32,2.35), great to be going fast again, ran there and back

Saturday: 5.4 miles leg at national 12 stage, not focused, not pushing it, dreadful race

Week total: 35 miles

2010 total: 688 miles

Week Beginning 19/4/10 – Marathon Week!

Monday: 6 mile jog

Tuesday: 2x1mile at marathon pace, ran there and back really slowly

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 mile jog to track, 2×800 (2.31,2.31)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: London Marathon, 2:44:54 (PB), 309th

Week total: 44 miles

2010 total: 732 miles

Week Beginning 26/4/10

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6 mile jog and stretches, felt good

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Jogged to track, did 4×300 at the back of the pack

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Away climbing in Wales

Week total: 13 miles

2010 total: 745 miles

Week Beginning 3/5/10

Monday: 10 mile jogTuesday: 4x2k, ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 15×400,100 recoveries (75,73,73,74,74,73,72,74,73,74,73.74,75,74,70), ran there and back

Friday: 9 mile jog

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Warwick Reunion Race (5 miles ish), came 6th, ran there and back from Coventry.

Week total: 53 miles

2010 total: 798 miles

Week Beginning 10/5/10

Monday: 10 miles easy

Tuesday: 6x950m at Metchley, ran there and back. Slow.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4×300 (100), 2×600 (200) , 4×300 (500), ran there and back – 47,47,47,47,1:48,1:47,47,47,47,46

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: 4 miles tempo on track (22:33), trying to nail 75min HM pace, ran there and back

Sunday: 19 miles easy

Week total: 67 miles

2010 total: 865 miles

Week Beginning 17/5/10

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8x1k, 200 recoveries (3.16,3.15,3.15,3.16,3.16,3.19,3.19,3.12), ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 300, 1 min rec, 400, 500m rec – 4x (47,68,48,66,46,68,47,68), ran there and back

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Coventry Half Marathon, awful race, DNF

Week total: 29 miles

2010 total: 894 miles

Week Beginning 24/5/10

Monday: 12 miles on towpath

Tuesday: Grass intervals at Metchley – 2x(1lap-2laps) with 90 sec recoveries, ran there and back

Wednesday: 13 miles, new route with Gracie

Thursday: 8×600, 200 recoveries, pretty consistent around the 1:47 mark, ran there and back

Friday: 6 miles easy

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 4 miles

Week total: 57 miles

2010 total: 951 miles 

Week Beginning 31/5/10

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6 miles

Wednesday: 3000m Rowheath Open Meeting (9:32), ran there and back

Thursday: 12 miles, 77 mins

Friday: 10k on towpath, timed (36:24), mile warm up, 3 mile cool down

Saturday: 18 miles

Sunday: League 3000m (9:22 PB), long warm down

Week total: 63 miles

2010 total: 1014 mile

sWeek Beginning 7/6/10

Monday: 8 mile recovery

Tuesday: strides at Metchley, 8 miles in total

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rowheath 5k, 16:43, 8th position. Won by Paul in 14:59. Ran there and back

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Aldridge 10k, 7th position, 34:54

Week total: 37 miles

2010 total: 1051 miles 

Week Beginning 14/6/10

Monday: 11 mile recovery, lots of stretches. sore hamstring after the race

Tuesday: 10k time trial, 34:20 (PB), ran there and back. 17:00/17:20 splits

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 3×600,3×400,4×200 (1:44,1:43,1:44,64,65,64,31,30,28,29), ran there and back

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest, unplanned but probably necessary

Sunday: Arden 9 (2nd, 49:38), long warm down run, 17 miles total

Week total: 57 miles

2010 total: 1108 miles 

Week Beginning 21/6/10

Monday: 12 miles

Tuesday: 6 miles, really sore from Sunday

Wednesday: Rowheath open 3k, 1st position, 9:20

Thursday: Exactly the same session as last week (1:42,1:39,1:43 ,65,65,67,29,29,28,28 ie faster on the 6s and 2s but slower on the 4s), first time ever that i have been literally unable to see after a session

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 20 miles(ish), Sutton Park and back

Week total: 58 miles

2010 total: 1166 miles 

Week Beginning 28/6/10

Monday: 10 miles

Tuesday: Ran to track, bit of jogging and 4×200 to loosen up, ran back

Wednesday: Race – Sphinx AC memorial park 5 mile (1st position, 27:31)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: League 5000m (16:21, 6th I think – 1st B runner). Hard to do a good time, on my own most of the way

Sunday: 10 miles easy

Week total: 40 miles

2010 total: 1206 miles 

Week Beginning 5/7/10

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: 4 x 1mile (5:06,5:18,5:17,5:19) poor pacing, went off too hard on the first one. ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest, exhausted from all the recent races, went for a bike ride

Thursday: Rowheath 5k, 16:49, knackered having had to cycle home from work, taking some time off now

Week total: 30 miles

2010 total: 1236 miles 

Week Beginning 12/7/10

Saturday: Coventry Parkrun 5k , 2nd – 16:49, started pretty rapidly after 9 days off and then struggled

Sunday: 12 miles, 85 mins

Week total: 17 miles

2010 total: 1253 miles

Week Beginning 19/7/10

Monday: 10 miles easy

Tuesday: 10k time trial on track (34:17). tough. ran there and back

Wednesday: 11 miles, 70 mins

Thursday: 10×600 on track, all around 1:50, really struggled after Tuesday, ran there and back

Friday: 7 miles slow

Saturday: 5 miles hard (27:47) plus a long warm up/warm down

Sunday: 19 miles

Week total: 80 miles

2010 total: 1333 miles 

Week Beginning 26/7/10

Monday: 10 miles slow of which one barefoot on track

Tuesday: 5k on track (plan was to do 10k but had nothing left after last week’s heavy load) 16:52, then we did a mile for the hell of it. painful. ran there and back

Wednesday: Rest, sore foot

Thursday: 4 x (200,300) didn’t finish the session because of my foot. this is going to need some rest

Week total: 26 miles

2010 total: 1359 miles

Week Beginning 2/8/10

Week total: 0 miles

2010 total: 1359 miles 

Week Beginning 9/8/10

Monday: Went to Doctor, thinks it’s PF. 18 mile bike ride

Tuesday: 3 mile jog with Mark Ince, 1250m swim

Wednesday: 10 mile bike ride. cross training is fun but it’s not as good as running

Thursday: no run, travelling

Friday: 3 mile jog, 16 mile bike ride

Saturday: 16 mile bike ride

Sunday: 9 miles slow

Week total: 15 miles

2010 total: 1374 miles

Week Beginning 16/8/10

Monday: no run, travelling

Tuesday: 7 miles. foot feels a though it’s on the mend. still not able to go flat out though

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: 8 miles, accompanied by Tom on bike who kept the pace up

Friday: 9 miles, mainly off road with Stu

Saturday: 6 miles in the morning before my wedding 🙂

Sunday: Rest

Week total: 38 miles.

2010 total: 1412 miles. Foot is healing up nicely and ready for one session of speedwork next week

Week Beginning 23/8/10

Monday: 6 miles easy. first run as a married man

Monday: 1250m swim with Stephanie

Tuesday: Metchley. first speed session for ages. 1-2-2-1 with 90 sec recoveries. times slow but not bad considering time off

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 10 miles with Stu

Friday: no run, 1 mile swim

Saturday: Solihull Parkrun 5k, 1st, 16:40. long warm up/down. could have gone faster – surprised how strong i felt. looking forward to long run with Martin ‘Lel’ Matthews tomorrow

Sunday: 20 miles

Week total: 53 miles

2010 total: 1465 miles

Week Beginning 30/8/10

Monday: Rest. Being really careful with my foot this week – stripping my training down to the bare minimum.

Tuesday: Metchley. 1-2-1-2-1 with 60-90 secs recovery depending on how quick Martin was (3:01,6:20,3:06,6:31,3:10), ran there and back

Wednesday: No run, just a walk

Thursday: Metchley. 4x1k – extended the laps by 50m to make it 1k (3:20,3:14,3:16,3:20)

Friday: Same as Weds

Saturday: Cannon Hill parkrun 5k, 3rd, 16:20 PB

Sunday: 19 miles with Martin. Quick pace, hard work.

Week total: 50 miles

2010 total: 1515 miles

Week Beginning 6/9/10

Tuesday: 2-1-2-1 at Metchley with 90 secs,ty miles, lots of enforced resE

Wednesday: No run, just a walk 3 miles

Thursday: Half session – going easy because of race on Sunday. 1×300,2×600,2×800 (50,1.49,1.45,2.27,2.23). Summer is officially over – ran home from track in the dark.

Friday: 3 mile jog

Saturday: Resting for tomorrow

Sunday: Nottingham Half Marathon, 78:25, hard work, disappointed

Week total: 36 miles

2010 total: 1551 miles

Week Beginning 13/9/10

Tuesday: Easy session at Metchley, 3 laps (4:00,3:45,3:30) then ran home

Thursday: 5x1k track (3.05/4/5/4/6). Ran home. Good.

Saturday: Cannon Hill Parkrun 5k, 1st, 16:11 PB. Happy.

Sunday: 19 miles, passed the site where the Pope was doing his service.

Week total: 47 miles

2010 total: 1598 miles. Less training means more quality but I feel I am lacking the miles needed to run a good marathon. Seeing physio soon, hope they can show me how to strengthen myn)Week total: 31 miles2010 t>

Week Beginning 20/9/10

Wednesday : 8x1k(200) – 3:16,18,18,18,19,17,18,19

Thursday: 6 mile jog

Saturday: Midlands 6 stage relay (19:44 – my best on that course), club came 9th overall. great running by the boys

Sunday: 18 miles easy

Week total: 46 miles

2010 total: 1644 miles. Time to step it up.

Week Beginning 27/9/10

Tuesday: 4x2k at Metchley 6:29/26/28/24

Wednesday: 11 miles easy

Thursday: 5x(600/400). cold. Splits in the 1:45-1:50 region for 600, 67-69 for 400

Saturday: FIRST SUB 16 EVER! 15:56 at Cannon Hill Parkrun. Long run tomorrow, see how the legs hold out.

Sunday: 22 miles in the rain with Int goodWednesday: RestThursday%/p>

Week total: 64 miles

2010 total: 1708 miles. Big month coming up.

Week Beginning 4/10/10

Tuesday: Same as last Tues but less consistent. Last one really slow

Thursday: 10×800 (2:31/34/34/33/31/32/30/30/32/27)

Friday: 6 mile jog

Saturday: Parkrun 5k (16:20, 1st pos). Heavy legs after Thursday. Strong but no speed.

Sunday: 22 miles easy

Week total: 60 miles

2010 total: 1768 miles

Week Beginning 11/10/10

Monday: swim

Tuesday: 10k time trial at track (33:57, thanks to rob for pacing me for about 6k)

Wednesday: 8 mile slow jog

Thursday: Couple of 800s at the track, nothing heavy. Preparing for Saturday.

Saturday: National Road Relays. 19:38. Really good team performance – 33rd overall

Sunday: 15 miles Xc/road at Sutton Park

Week total: 52 miles

2010 total: 1819 miles

Week Beginning 18/10/10

Tuesday: 5x1k (3:13/12/08/08/07)

Wednesday: 6 miles easy

Thursday: 800-400-800-400. easy.

Sunday: Birmingham Half Marathon. 74:13, 27th

Week total: 38 miles

2010 total: 1857 miles

Week Beginning 25/10/10

Monday: 4 miles easy, didn’t feel too bad. will probably feel the pain tomorrow

Tuesday: 5×800 on track, 200 recoveries (2:38/33/30/30/28) – efforts felt fine but calves were stiffening up as soon as i stopped. long warm down

Wednesday: 10 miles easy

Thursday: 2 mile tempo (10:28), ran to track, 6×400/3×600/3×800 (70,69,68,70,70,70/1:51,1:52,1:50/2:31,2:32,2:30), ran home. Hard work – calves did not want to do any faster, felt like I was wading through treacle. Lots of stretches, calf massage.

Friday: 2 miles easy plus a bike ride

Saturday: Birmingham League XC at Leamington. Painful but expected having not rested for it at all. 90th position!

Sunday: 22 miles (Sutton Park and back plus a bit extra) – first solo run of this marathon program.

Week total: 71 miles

2010 total: 1928 miles

Week Beginning 1/11/10

Monday: No run, cycled to and from work

Tuesday: 10x1k (3:16/15/16/15/15/16/16/15/16/14) on my own

Wednesday: cycled to work and back, 10 mile easy run with Grace and Ince

Thursday: 2 mile tempo (10:19) , ran to track, 3×800/3×600/3×800 (2:33,2:32,2:32/1:48,1:47,1:48/2:26,2:25,2:32) ran home. Good session.

Friday: 4 miles easy

Saturday: 2x5k at Cannon Hill Park, 4 min recovery between (17:03/16:42)

Sunday: 14 miles slow. Legs in a state after hard training week, cut my long run short

Week total: 67 miles

2010 total: 1995 miles

Week Beginning 8/11/10

Monday: Complete rest day

Tuesday: 10k time trial on track 33:59

Wednesday: 12 miles easy with Gracie, cycled to work and back

Friday: cycled to work and back, 1 mile jog – felt exhausted. hopefully I’ll run well this weekend

Saturday: Cannon Hill Parkrun 15:58, 1st. Felt good. Long warm up, ran home

Sunday: 22 miles, Tanworth loop. Really pushed it – last long run before Luton

Week Total: 60 miles

2010 total: 2055 miles

Week Beginning 15/11/10

Tuesday: 800-2000-800-1600 (no watch but approx splits were 2:29/6:35/2:29/5:15). Really sore after Sunday

Thursday: 2×800/2×600/2×400/2×600/2×800 (2:34,2:25/1:51,1:48/69,69/1:49,1:47/2:30,2:29). Physio dished out some serious pain to by right PF and calf. Fun!

Saturday: Cannon Hill Parkrun 15:57, 2nd. Much harder than last week.

Sunday: 17 miles easy, Spaghetti Junction and back from Mark’s place.

Week total: 50 miles

2010 total: 2105 miles

Week Beginning 22/11/10

Tuesday: 10k on track – first 5 at target marathon pace, second a bit quicker (18:40/17:41)

Wednesday: 10 miles easy

Friday: 5 miles easy

Sunday: 5 miles easy

Week total: 32 miles

2010 total: 2137 miles

Week Beginning 29/11/10

Monday: 2 miles on towpath, slightly quicker than marathon pace, 11:39, 1 mile easy. COLD!

Wednesday: 7 miles easy. Snowy.

Friday: Found out Luton was cancelled due to weather. Really frustrating.

Saturday: 8×1 mile on road (5:11/5:06/5:19/5:02/5:19/5:09/5:22/4:56), mile warm up/down. Good to get a hard session in after the disappointment of the race being off.

Sunday am: 7 miles, marathon pace / pm: 5 miles easy

Week total: 32 miles

2010 total: 2169 miles

Week Beginning 06/12/10

Monday: 12 miles easy. Coldest run ever, no joke. Ice crystals forming on my beard and all.

Tuesday: Skipped training, strange soreness in left shin as soon as I started running.

Wednesday: 11 miles, Ince’s place and back with extra 2 miles on towpath going home

Thursday: 10×600 on track. Hard work on an icy surface (1:55/54/51/50/53/53/54/53/54/53)

Friday: am 3 miles pm 6 miles easy. Sore stomach, hard work

Saturday: 9 miles, of which 5k jogging parkrun as a volunteer

Sunday: Ran the brilliantly named Sneyd Christmas Pudding 10 mile, 2nd place, 55:38.

Week total: 67 miles

2010 total: 2236 miles

Week Beginning 13/12/10

Monday: 12 miles easy, further than planned but I felt good

Tuesday: 4×400 at track, legs screwed after Sunday. Cold and raining. One of those runs you have to drag yourself out for.

Wednesday: Rest. Lookng forward to running in daylight next week

Thursday: long warm up, 1000-800-600-600-800-1000 on snow covered track (3:13/2:29/1:50/1:53/2:30/3:07). Good hard session.

Friday am: 6 miles steady

Friday pm: 10 miles

Sunday: 7 miles in the snow in Amsterdam

Week total: 55 miles

2010 total: 2289 miles

Week Beginning 20/12/10

3 days off due to shin pain – either from walking on ice or sleeping funny on the Eurostar

Thursday: 7 miles

Friday: 6 miles am 4 miles pm

Saturday (Christmas): am Cannon Hill Parkrun, on snow the whole way 17:42, pm 3 miles easy

Sunday: 21, snow all the way

Week total: 51 miles

2010 total: 2340 miles

Week Beginning 27/12/10

Monday: 9 miles easy with Stu

Tuesday: 4 x 1 mile up hill with long recoveries (New Road, Berkhamsted), 3 mile warm down, 11 in total

Wednesday: 14 miles, 90 mins (Berkhamsted HM plus a bit)

Thursday: 3k-1k-800-600-800-1k (9:47,3:10,2:32,1:56,2:30,3:10), extended run home, 15 miles for the day

Friday: 8 miles easy

Total up to 31/12/10: 57 miles

2010 total: 2397 miles