The End of Winter – Week Beginning 29 January

Sunday 4th February 2018

I like cross country season. I enjoy the challenge of racing man-to-man over difficult terrain and being unconcerned by the time on the clock. Cross country is endurance racing at its purest and the thing I look forward to most when winter is on its way. But on reflection, it is actually the only thing I look forward to about winter. Now February is here I have well and truly had enough of winter and am looking ahead to track season. I am looking forward to packing the gloves, hats, long sleeved tops, tights and jackets away and not having to dress for an Arctic expedition every time I lace up my trainers. I am looking forward to daylight runs before and after work, to training on grass without having to wear spikes, to lung-busting track sessions that leave me gasping for air, to open meets on warm evenings when everyone is there to run fast, to striding down the canal topwath in a vest and shorts with the sun on my back, to steeplechase, to live athletics on TV, to long days and short nights and to looking forward to every run.

I’ve had enough of winter and can’t wait for summer.

My Week

Monday: 17km easy (17)

Tuesday: AM 10km easy / PM 16km tempo run 56:23, weights (27)

Wednesday: 16km easy, drills and hurdles (16)

Thursday: AM 8km easy / PM hill session – 10*2:30 (29)

Friday: rest (0)

Saturday: 30 min fartlek – 60s on/off, 5*15s hill sprints (17)

Sunday: 26km moderate (26)

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