Training – Week Beginning 3 December

Sunday 9th December 2012

Three unplanned rest days due to some pain in my left plantar fascia. I should have listened to my body and the conditions before running on an icy track on tired legs. Managed two very easy runs at the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Monday: 10 easy (10)

Tuesday: 10×200 off 200 jog (50-60s), all in 31/32, 2000-1600-1200-800 off 400 jog at target 10k pace: 6:32,5:14,3:54,2:34. Sore legs and icy track. (13)

Wednesday: Rest. Foot pain.

Thursday: Rest. Foot pain.

Friday: Rest. Foot pain.

Saturday: 3 miles very easy (3)

Sunday: 8 easy (8)

Week total: 34 miles

2012 total: 3239 miles

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